INDIA’s GDP growth tells the story?

How often do we come across people talking about the ever increasing GDP of INDIA. But does the GDP growth telling the true story of the development in INDIA. INDIA is near the bottom when it comes to Human Development Index of countries. We have seen the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad witnessing an overwhelming change in all kinds of developments, let it be infrastructural, economical, lifestyle etcetera. But has INDIA been able to change the towns & the villages, where we find a huge chunk of its population residing. If there has been an over all development of the country then why do we find people migrating from these towns & villages to these cities. Does not this shows the in-efficiency of the government, whether it is the state or the central.

Earlier it was thought that the villages were good for agriculture & INDIA was self sufficient in farming atleast, but how many of us know that the agricultural sector inspite of around 40-50% people being involved in it only contributes to around 5-7% of the GDP.  Farmers are not to be blamed for this alone as the villages still are far away from basic necessities of water & electricity, the education is not available to the villagers. They  neither have money nor do they have the knowledge about the productive means for farming.

Many of the cities & towns that have developed are either due to tourism or because these villages have been the playgrounds for our politicians, and how often have we seen the minister’s favoring their own villages, cities & states.

Our rural areas remain rural even when we boast of having 0ne of the fastest growing economies of the world today. Even if one does not have the time to go or even notice condition of these villages, the amount of discriminated development can be interpreted just by looking at the condition of our financial capital Mumbai, our financial capital is also the home to one of the largest slums in ASIA. The credit goes to the people of INDIA as somewhere we all have been responsible for the current situation of our country, as we say their is corruption everywhere. We are the ones who chose our leaders & its only us who play this blame game, all of us have to take the responsibility & act like responsible citizens if we want to see the real growth of our country in every possible field.

Come on INDIA its the final boarding call for all of us.


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