INDIA’s problem “external or internal”

INDIA is a huge democracy, the challenges are not only to safeguard our borders from our very friendly neighbours, but the problem is further widened by our internal conflicts. These problems arise through the naxals, maoists,  tigers etc but also through our regional parties like the MNS & SHIV SENA. Is there any law that these people and parties obey? Or its the freedom provided by our democracy that gives them an upper hand.

Lets first talk about the organised group of these vultures, the parties like MNS & SHIV SENA have been succesful to some extent in dividing the people of maharashtra. The policies & tactics adopted by these parties have dented the hearts of a lot of people who have spent years of their lives in mumbai. Even the greats like Big B & Sachin Tendulkar were not spared, how peaceful the city & the country would have been if these morons never existed.

Then there are the maoists, naxals etc that have crossed all the limits that existed, recently in dantewada the maoists murdered our 76 CRPF jawans. So is this the last time we are hearing about such attacks! will the government supress the maoists this time around. The govt is hesitating in using the army & the air force as they have not been trained for these purposes. Then what is the answer going to be for these brutal attacks, is our country not efficient in tackling these internal problems? if not then how do we expect that we are safe from external threats like pakistan. If our country has to move on with the world in this era of globalisation then we dont have any other option then to prepare ourselves for such attacks and to develop strategies to take out naxals & maoists from the roots. Even if a small element of these scavengers is left behind. then these are going to haunt our generations to come.


One thought on “INDIA’s problem “external or internal”

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