India is a cricket crazy nation, so are the people about their brands, how many people heard of Lalit Modi before IPL kicked off? I think not many. But this marketer made it possible to build up a powerful brand like IPL.

Brand IPL is expected to be valued at Rs 18,000 crores, even at the times of financial slowdown in the last year, IPL still stood tall at the front of expenditure & investments. This shows how much the people of India love cricket. Even the recent Modi-Tharoor controversy would prove profitable for brand IPL.

We have seen sponsoring reach new heights with the MRF blimp that can be seen over the stadiums, one can easily find commentators going gaga over the MRF blimp & the MRF pace academy. This is one style of marketing thats new to India. Even the strategic time-outs are being sponsored by Maxx Mobile. The ‘IPL nights’ are sponsored by Karbonn Mobile, its all about mixing glamour with sports. UFO Moviez have got the rights for Theatres, this time IPL matches are on Youtube as well.

IPL plans to beat NFL & FIFA in the upcoming years, but so far Brand IPL has achieved a lot in a small span of 2-3 years.


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