How INDIA moulded itself

There was a time when India was considered as a land of snake charmers by the western nations. The country where people die from hunger & diseases. A country insufficient in almost everyfield. The country was moving ahead in one area that was population.

But then came “Economic Liberalisation” in 1991 & it has changed the face of India big time. The FDI’S started coming to the country, it lead to the economic transformation of the country as these FDI’s created a lot of jobs for the people of India, it contributed a lot to the Indian economy. Our education system got strengthened as there were now many good institutions in the country that were giving quality education, the students not only learnt from the Indian leaders but now they had a chance to learn from the west.

The cities of bangalore, gurgaon, ahmedabad, pune witnessed a series of changes. Infrastructure of India got changed & the Indian cities were now on the world map competing with other cities. The infrastructural development further attracted the companies to come to India. Earlier the MNC’s came to India for cutting down their cost of services & production. But now it can be said that they have become addicted to the quality of work they get from our country. Indians are behind none whether it is the field of education, business or sports.

People like Bill Gates have also mentioned several times that the American students are not able to catch up with the creative minds of the Indian students. It can be rightly said that today a major portion of the world population depends on Indians.



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