Retail worked in INDIA

India has seen a series of changes over the years, the changes in the retail sector have changed the way people approached shopping.

The cities & towns are hoat to a large number of retailers, more, big bazaar, shoppers stop, pantaloons, spencers are a few of these. Earlier the people had to travel places in order to shop for different things that satisfy different needs. If kids wanted toys the family had to travel long distances to reach the toy stores, men had to search long for their clothing & toiletries, but women were the ones who benefitted the most through these retailers, now they had all their needs & wants available under one roof. They can now get sarees, suits, salons everything without travelling places.

Most families now get a lot of time to spend together, as they save time because of this mall & retail culture. Now the common man after long office hours can meet the needs of the family members at one go, without facing parking problems. The people have starting trusting the retailers now. Still the retail sector has to witness a lot of changes in India with the foreign retail giants like Wal Mart entering the indian markets. Families also save a lot by shopping through these retailers as the retailers like big bazaar also offer heavy bulk discounts & the consumer finds it a bit cheaper when compared with the local kirana stores. People also end up saving thousands every month by shopping through these retailers.


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