KUMBH: The largest human gathering on earth

How often have we come across the story of a bollywood movie about the twins, who got separated in the kumbh mela. This year we all came to know that the Kumbh Mela was happening in Haridwar, so how much do we know about this holy gathering? Let me throw some light on how this ritual came into existence.

Kumbh’s history originates from the beginning of the Creation. All devtas were under the influence of a curse that made them weak and coward, Brahma, advised them to churn the ocean for Amrit, intake of which will make them immortal, devtas sought the help of demons for the purpose. gods and demons made a temporary agreement to work together in obtaining amrita from the Milky Ocean, and to share this equally. However,Dhanwantari, the divine healer, appeared with the “Kumbh” containing nectar in his palms, when the Kumbh (pot) containing the amrita appeared, the demons ran away with the pot and were chased by the gods. By their joint churning Amrit was one of the resultants, found in the last. For twelve days and twelve nights (equivalent to twelve human years) the gods and demons fought in the sky for the possession of this pot of amrita. It is said that during the battle, drops of amrita fell on to four places : Prayag, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nasik. Kumbh mela is observed at these four locations where the amrit fell.

It is the largest human gathering on Earth. Entirely based on belief, faith and religion.


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