BANDH is the right way???

As we all know today 27th April the opposition parties have called for bharath bandh, as we are a democracy these nuts often dont realise how much pain they cause to tha “aam janta”. How happy are you all from this bandh? Is this bandh the right answer to the rising inflation? Can these bandh’s stop corruption? I guess you all might have the right answer.

People are stuck at airports and railway stations, because the autos & taxis are not operating in a few cities. But these politicians have never cared about the public(atleast the civilised one’s), all they know is to brain wash their party members & a stupid breed of followers. Even the educated mass is falling in their traps & their is no control of police or any other authority on them.

Buses are burnt & other public property damaged to curb down inflation but this would only result in an increase in direct & indirect taxes. The more we cause damge to these public assets the more we would have to shell out from our pockets to bring all these assets back. This is the worst one can do to only realise that he looted himself. Nothing would go from the bank balance of these politicians.

Most of the developed countries or even the states in India today are either free from these strikes or their is a minimum number of strikes in these developed places. The reason being the people have realised where their gain is & its better to work for the development of the country then to keep pulling it back only to find that we have not only created troubles for our fellow citizens but also have purchased some shame for the country.



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