Its A Pressure Cooker Life

In today’s world, Living life has become a pressure cooker thing. No one is spared from being under pressure. Right from the time we take birth till we find a  place in cradle, we are constantly living life under pressure. A child who has just began to see the world and has barely been out of his innocence, is put under pressure. He is under pressure from his ever demanding parents, apart from being  top in the class, he has to even excel in sports and other extra cuuricular activities he participates. Nobody even cares whether he likes the stuff he is asked to perform or not.

Now comes the next phase in life “teenage” a rebelious life. One feels they are constantly put under pressure to become doctors, engineers etc. that they find it often easy to put off their life then to run in the race in which he has to come out a winner and never liking to run in the first place. India Alone is facing so high rate of Teenage suicide which clearly reflects to the stress they are put to. The pressure to perform and achieve something great and secure a good salary package job from a MNC company which are few of the issues that a normal teenager has to undergo in day to day life.

The adult phase is longest phase of Man’s life. Now new kinds of stress comes to his life. the pressure to perform in his work life so that he can support his family, provide the ever demands of his wife, children and so on…. if he is not able to meet a single demand of theirs then you are termed a very unsuccessful man. Hence pressure to preform and stand out to his family his transfers his part of his pressure to his children and his spouse. This cycle of transfering the pressure to each other has created a very demanding world and a very unforgiving  one too.

In this ever demanding  world we ought to handle the pressure, but this pot boiling situation often leads to spilling of some. we often try to find some means or other to escape from the pressure which we only create. There is no remedy for this however its very best to keep your head cool and face this harsh system with a smiling face and say” I am ready for you and will take you down like others who came along before you coz its ME and its Me who will emerge VICTORIOUS”…

I am what I Am. I am you and everything you can think of.


One thought on “Its A Pressure Cooker Life

  1. “When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure”

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