Ajmal kasab should be given death sentence for all the sins he committed. But i think the government took too long in this case as it always does. That is the reason INDIA has always been a soft target for the terrorists. The terrorists know that they would be treated like visitors in our jails. And would be given plenty to eat along with all the security they need. Kasab is costing India Rs 2 lakhs per day & so far Rs 35 crore have been spent on Kasab.

The system is so soft on these terrorists that there is no fear in the minds of anyone before commiting a crime of any sort. These criminals are given food and provided security, when the people in INDIA are dying of hunger. Then what happens is a hijacking takes place & these killers are set free. The law has to be strict on these issues, rather these killers must be given some brutal punishments before they are hanged. So that anyone who dares such deeds must think twice before coming to India.

The law has to get strict like the ones in ARAB countries, this is the only way to set examples for these terrorists or other criminals so that the crime may be reduced to some extent. As these hideous animals dont fear for their lives anymore.


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